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Happiness Every day

We are in business to promote Happiness for our selves and our clients. This is why we joined the Action For Happiness movement and here is the Actions for this Month.

Action Calendar – Active April 2019

  1. Active April – Day 1 Monday
    Commit to doing something active every day this month
  2. Active April – Day 2 Tuesday
    Have an outdoor meeting, instead of sitting down inside
  3. Active April – Day 3 Wednesday
    Listen to your body and be grateful for what it can do
  4. Active April – Day 4 Thursday
    Go up and down the stairs whenever possible today
  5. Active April – Day 5 Friday
    Enjoy moving to your favourite music. Really go for it
  6. Active April – Day 6 Saturday
    Go exploring around your local area and notice new things
  7. Active April – Day 7 Sunday
    Get outside and plant a tree, flowers or some seeds
  8. Active April – Day 8 Monday
    Get natural light early in the day. Turn off lights in the evening
  9. Active April – Day 9 Tuesday
    Do a body-scan meditation and really notice how your body feels
  10. Active April – Day 10 Wednesday
    Join an activity club or class that you’ll actually enjoy
  11. Active April – Day 11 Thursday
    Eat only healthy & natural food and drink lots of water
  12. Active April – Day 12 Friday
    Choose to walk or cycle instead of going by car or bus
  13. Active April – Day 13 Saturday
    Turn your housework or chores into a good form of exercise
    Finish your Tax Returns
  14. Active April – Day 14 Sunday
    Have a day free from TV or screens and get moving instead
    File your tax returns online
  15. Active April – Day 15 Monday
    Sign up for an activity challenge as a goal to work towards
  16. Active April – Day 16 Tuesday
    Make sleep a priority and go to bed in good time
  17. Active April – Day 17 Wednesday
    Choose to park further away and enjoy some extra exercise
  18. Active April – Day 18 Thursday
    Do stretch and breathe exercises at 3 different times
  19. Active April – Day 19 Friday
    Take an extra break in your day and go for a 15 min walk outside
  20. Active April – Day 20 Saturday
    Relax your body & mind with Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation
  21. Active April – Day 21 Sunday
    Make time to run, swim, dance, stretch or cycle today
  22. Active April – Day 22 Monday
    Arrange to get together with a friend to walk and talk
  23. Active April – Day 23 Tuesday
    Actively ‘eat a rainbow’ of multi-coloured vegetables today
  24. Active April – Day 24 Wednesday
    Spend less time sitting down today – get up and move more!
  25. Active April – Day 25 Thursday
    Get out into nature. Feed the birds or go wildlife-spotting
  26. Active April – Day 26 Friday
    Recharge yourself. Avoid tech for 2 hours before bedtime
  27. Active April – Day 27 Saturday
    Do something active and fun like air guitar or a silly walk 🙂
  28. Active April – Day 28 Sunday
    Go out and do an errand for a loved one or neighbour
  29. Active April – Day 29 Monday
    Spend as much time as possible outdoors today
  30. Active April – Day 30 Tuesday
    Make time for doing your favourite sport or activity