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After you Buy A Property

Dean Graziosi has been writing to you for many years saying something like the following:
We hustle so much in this crazy busy world (more than we ever thought possible) that sometimes it feels impossible to slow down or fit the things in that can actually move the needle in our lives towards that next level.

With technology buzzing in our pockets keeping us on edge combined with, juggling family, growth, friends, responsibilities, careers, income, savings, health, etc…

It can sometimes feel like -> AHHHHHH!!!

So what if there was ONE LIST that could immediately eliminate most of the overwhelm… And then would you commit to making that list if you knew 100% the outcome would be more time to work on you and your full potential?

I’m betting that’s a BIG YES…

You see, we’ve been programmed to believe that the fastest way to get more done and more accomplished is by stacking up our to-do lists.

We are told to: hustle more, work harder, go faster. But how is that working out so far?

Well today I want to share what is missing for you and what was missing much of my life. It’s a LIST that changed everything for me.

And that is a NOT to-do list.

I write and talk about this concept a lot and I share this with all of my high level clients. And here’s why…

I’d bet to say (because I have done this with so many people) that if you took a little time and truly analyzed the things you do on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis you would find sooooooooo many things that don’t serve your bigger future…

They don’t serve your goals, your desires or your true full potential. They don’t move the needle from where you are to where you ultimately were designed to be.

Maybe you’re spending too much time watching TV or spending time with negative people or getting sucked into social media or working on a business you aren’t passionate about…

What if right this moment you took out your phone or a piece of paper and started jotting down all the things you now realize you do that don’t bring you to that next level. Seriously, I encourage you to do this as we speak!

Some things are just habits or remnants of a past that don’t serve you today or the future you crave.

After you have jotted down 4, 5, 6 or so things. Now you have a choice to make. You can either automate, delegate or the best one of all, just simply eliminate those things.

Are you still running to the post office to send checks to pay your bills? Spend 30 minutes this week to automate that entire process!

Are you doing something at your job you KNOW you could teach someone else to do but have been dreading teaching it? Then delegate it finally this week!

Are you watching too much negative news, spending too much time with the wrong people or doing other things you simply shouldn’t be doing? Then eliminate that this week!

The NOT to-do list is powerful because it brings to light the anchors that have been holding you back from that next level.

And this week I challenge you to take note of the things you do on an hourly basis. And next weekend you can truly sit back and decide what needs to be automated, delegated or simply eliminated.

And once you have eliminated those things not serving your next level you will soon realize that you have an abundance of time to focus on the things that ARE serving you, that can allow you to grow your impact and your wealth. (Or whatever you crave)

So, COMMIT right now to adding this most important list to your life… It’s time to make a NOT TO DO list a part of your success routine.

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So you decide to buy your first house and put it for rent. You discover after buying it that it needs painting. Dean did not tell you that

Painting 513 M Street House