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people can hold you back… 

I’ve been feeling really sentimental lately because so much crazy stuff has happened in my life…


I was literally on CLOUD NINE when I got married last month to my amazing wife, Lisa… and then the next week I found out my dear friend, the brilliant Sean Stephenson passed away…


I want to open up to you and tell you that these two things have been on my mind a lot and made me realize how important the people in your life are.


Sean always said “Don’t dim your glow to match someone else, burn as bright as you can” and that is hitting me HARD right now in my life… I just married the love of my life and she has always been in my corner and drives me to be better every day!


But to be completely honest with you, the more I realize how supportive my wife is, the more I understand how other people can hold you back… As cheesy as that sounds… Family members, old friends, whoever it might be in your life that doesn’t want to strive for more and keep going to the next level…


The people who aren’t in your corner, but trap you in a corner. These are people you have to be aware of.


I seriously can’t even tell you how much I miss my buddy Sean, but I know his message will live on and I’m determined to make it happen… And I need your help!


Can you do me a favor and go to my Instagram and mention someone in a comment on this post who is in your corner, and doesn’t trap you in a corner?? If I really had my way I’d want you to take it a step further, and say “thanks for fueling my fire” when you tag them 🙂


I feel so freakin lucky to have an army of supporters like you to help me spread Sean’s message each and every day <3

Can’t wait to see your comments!