AT&T Morality and fake accounts

Once upon a time a man went to AT&T in order to buy a cellular phone. He was told that if he has a company he can register the purchase under the name of the company and will get some discount for doing that.

The man who had experienced deceit many times purchased the phone and paid for it $747.29  using his credit card. This was on August 11, 2021.

On August 12, 2021 the man returned the phone and had to pay stocking fees so he received back $686.99.




The Starting Point

This is were he was not aware that AT&T has opened an account for him and did not close the account and from that day onward started to charge him using his credit card.

When he discovered what is happening he called the company and was told that he will get his money back.

When he researched the payment History on the AT&T web site he could not find any history of his payments.

When the man called AT&T and told them that he cannot see his account history someone at AT&T fiddled with the system

So it seems that AT&T was steeling money from his account that was cancelled.