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Dean Message July 15/2019

What if I told you that being an “underdog” was actually your advantage in life over the compeition? The thing that could set you apart and give you a glimpse into your future on how much you truly CAN achieve…?

You see, growing up I was never an underdog… I was always the most popular kid in school, I was always getting good grades and I always had confidence…


Look Frank, growing up I don’t think you could find many people in my hometown with less confidence than me. I wasn’t even 5 foot tall when I started high school, I couldn’t afford new clothes so I was always wearing hand me downs, and on top of all that I couldn’t read well so all my teachers called me stupid. (great confidence booster Ms. Thompson… or not!)

And for my entire childhood and even into my younger adult life I always felt like an underdog. In-fact, I was a STRIGHT UP underdog.

I knew I had to work harder, fight stronger and think bigger if I was ever going to make it out of upstate New York. And I always thought being an underdog would make life harder. But after the last 25 years of truly getting to understand success at every level and the last 5 years OBSESSIVELY learning about myself, I realized something…

I realized that being an underdog wasn’t a disadvantage or a weight on my shoulders. No, screw that!

Being an underdog was actually the best thing that ever happened to me!

You know why? Because from growing up an underdog I discovered the top 5 “success secrets” that everyone who has ever felt like me must know to crush thos elimiting beliefs and soar!

So with this week’s Weekly Wisdom I want to send you to my most recent podcast where I break down in an in-depth training what those top 5 success secrets are and how you can utilize them in your life.

So click here now and check out my brand new podcast! This isn’t just some fluff interview or story. This podcast will change your life. I’m sure of it!

So click above now and check it out!

Let me know what ya think and chat soon,

Dean Graziosi

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