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Aloha my dear Farouk A Musa,

I hope you are having a delightful—happy and fulfilling—time wherever you are!

I know I haven’t been in as frequent touch as would be desirable, but believe me, wonderful things are on the anvil. For instance, Marshall Goldsmith and I are done shooting for the upcoming course on Employee Happiness. I will soon share with you more details, and even send you a link to a video from the course, seeking your feedback.

Meanwhile, here’s some other exciting news:

  • I’ll be spending a week in Sofia Bulgaria, from March 10th until March 16th. I would love to meet you. If you’ll be in town, please consider attending the happiness workshop I will be holding. Here’s the link to it (
  • I’ll be in San Jose, Costa Rica the week after that—from March 21st to 24th—participating in the UPEACE event there. Here’s the link to that event, in case you are interested in attending (
  • Finally, here’s the link to a webin on employee happiness that I held in November of last year, put together by this wonderful organization called Knolscape. If you get a chance to listen to it, do let me know your thoughts andThat’sfor this email, and ‘til next time, here’s to HAFFA (Happiness And Fulfillment for

Raj Raghunathan and the happiness Coursera team at ISB

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