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Spanish Institute of Pueblo

 here is  free reader for the month of July.  It talks about Iglesia de Tonantzintla.
Iglesia de Tonantzintla
El barroco es uno de los elementos más distintivos de Puebla, por ello, no es de extrañar que albergue una de las muestras más auténticas de este arte: la iglesia de Tonantzintla. Ubicada en la localidad de Santa María Tonantzintla, forma parte del municipio de San Andrés Cholula, muy cerca de la ciudad de Puebla. 
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Here are some free Spanish resources to help you with your Spanish.
1 – Leyendas Mexicanas: A legend is a narration of natural, supernatural facts or a mixture of both that is transmitted from generation to generation in oral or written form.
2 – Refranes Mexicanos: Refrain is a word with a etymological origin that refers us to the French language and to the word refrain, which means shot sentence.

3 – 100 Most Used Words In Spanish: If you know this list you will know about 50% of all words used in a normal Spanish conversation.4 – Spanish Grammar Guide: This is a summary online booklet of all you need to know about Spanish Grammar.

5 – Spanish Conjugator: Learn everything you need to know about Spanish verbs and conjugate any verb you want.

6 – Guide for Living in Mexico: About  everything you need to know to be able to live in Mexico.

7 – Spanish Phonetics: Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that comprises the study of the sounds of human speech.

8 – Trabalenguas Mexicanos: Tongue twisters are short sentences or texts, with words that are striking to the ear in any language, designed to make your pronunciation aloud difficult to say.

9 – Most Used Verbs in Spanish: You may click on any of the 100 verbs and see the complete conjugation.

10 – Improve your vocabulary: Learn 20,000 Spanish words in less than 1 hour.

11 – Spanish Pronouns: Everything you need to know about Spanish Pronouns.

12 – Spanish Prepositions: All everything you need to know about Spanish Prepositions.

13 – The Subjunctive:   A great web site that explains everything you need to know about the subjunctive.

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