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I’m still waiting on your reference from your former landlord. We typically do first month + last months + security deposit.
Rent is $1,000/month and security deposit is $1,000. We are wavting the pet deposit since you have one very small dog, but you will have to sign a pet agreement.

Your lease if approved tomorrow, will start September 2020 and end August 31st 2021 with an option to renew.
Since you will be potentially be moving Wednesday September 2nd,  your first months rent will be $966, and once you deduct $90 for the background you are at $877.

Your payment schedule will be as follows:
– $1,200 paid to Globe Consulting’s account at 5/3 by tomorrow to hold the property.
– $1,200 paid to Globe Consulting’s account at 5/3 by Monday September 14th 2020.
– $1,238.50  October 1st. for October lease payment plus position of last months rent.
– $1,238.50 November 1st. for Novembers payment plus last position of last months rent.
Starting December its $1,000/per month.

Please let me know if that works. If sop I can put everything on a legal document with the lease.


Mark Masaid